Friday, September 29, 2017

Old Name, New Name

Since I didn't have a picture to represent this topic, please enjoy this picture of my backyard!

I've been getting a lot of questions recently about how to spell my name. If you have followed me on any social media platforms for more than a few months, you may have noticed that I've changed more than my last name after getting married. But even before that, there may have been some confusion. What you might not know is that there has been great confusion over my name for most of my life.

To add the H or not to add the H, that has been the question. Such a small, insignificant little letter has caused so much turmoil for those who have ever needed to address me in writing. So here's the deal.

If you didn't know already, there are two ways to spell my name, Sarah and Sara. Most of my life I spelled my name with the H simply because that's the more common spelling and so it was just easier in a lot of ways to keep it that way. However, that's not actually my name. My legal name doesn't have the H, which wasn't a problem until I was old enough for it to actually matter, like when I opened a bank account, got a job, and all those official matters where a legal name is needed. That's when the confusion started.

After that, I just conformed to spelling my name however the people around me spelled it. Sometimes I would spell it with the H and sometimes I would spell it without depending on who was going to see it, but it just got worse from there because everyone at some point thought they had offended me by spelling my name wrong. Some of my friends even just decided to cut through the middle and spell it like this: Sara(h)

I decided that I would clear up the confusion and pick a spelling to stick with when I changed my name after getting married. I decided to switch over completely to using my legal H-less name from then on. Same spelling across the board. Of course, if you spell my name with the H, don't worry! I really don't mind. It's just never been a big deal to me. But if it really matters to you, my official name is Sara Taylor. No H.

So there it is! Name explained! I hope this helps clear up a few things!

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Sadie Sofia said...

Thank you so much for clearing this up! It was funny/confusing when your name kept changing and it seemed like even your boyfriend/fiance/husband didn't know how to spell your name :) I like to use peoples' real name, so you will be 'Sara' from here on out.

Victory said...

Oh good! I like that your name is H-less! It's easier for Susan and me to differentiate between you and other "Sarah"s we know :)

Anonymous said...

Good to know. I remember one of Jordan's videos when he had a different Sara on skateboarding and he said that you spelled it "Sara" and then I saw your name on the internet with the h and thought he had it wrong. hahahaha. Now I know he knew you better than everyone else of course. So glad you wrote this.

Unknown said...

I relate to your struggle! My name (Cory) was already uncommon, but then taking the "e" out of "Corey" was just too much for people. Every time I get a birthday card, nametag, etc... I just sigh and accept that people will always write it "Corey" instead of "Cory"...

Dezzy said...

Thanks for clearing that up i was just a bit confused. My whole family has screwed up names. My brother is named Jacob but with a K instead. My other brother is named Jared with two Rs. Also my dad mistakingly spelled my older sister's name wrong on her birth certificate. My mother is named Sandy with an I and my twin sister spells her name differently too. So my family are all basically screwing up anyone who simply wants to send them birthday cards. Ironically it seems whenever our aunt sends us cards she gets all of our names right but mine which is actually spelled correctly

Stephanie Schoolcraft said...

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